Milkshake Muru Muru Butter 200ml

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Milkshake Muru Muru Butter 200ml-Ethan Thomas Collection
Milkshake Muru Muru Butter 200ml-Ethan Thomas Collection

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Do you dream of a head full of healthy hair? Has your hair become dry, damaged due to hot styling appliances? If so, our Milkshake Muru Muru Butter has you covered. This thick and creamy formula is made from the Amazonian fruit Muru Muru which is packed with fatty acids that help to moisturise and soften damaged hair. The formula locks in moisture to reduce frizz, define curls and detangle your hair.

You will notice healthier hair the first time that you use this deep conditioning pre-shampoo treatment.

The formula contains:

- Muru Muru butter to polish your hair and prevent frizz

- Argan oil to replenish lost nutrients

- Shea and cocoa butter to lock in moisture

- Hydrolysed keratin to strengthen your hair

- Plant proteins to build and nourish your hair

If you are tired of split ends, and dry, damaged hair, our Muru Muru Butter is for you. Its nourishing formula restores vitality, shine, and softness to your hair. Order our Milkshake Muru Muru Butter and begin healing your hair.