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H2D Electrical Hair Tools

Something different, every day.

Achieving shiny, healthy and frizz-free hair is made easy with H2D products, a line that includes the best hair straighteners, curlers and hairdryers. H2D’s styling tools are effective, innovative and equipped with modern technology like ionic generators, infrared tech, and temperature controls. No matter what your hair type, H2D products are suitable for you.

Professional Hair Styling Tools

To create a beautiful, salon-grade look two things are absolutely vital - the first is healthy hair, the second is using professional, effective and non-toxic hair styling tools. This is where H2D comes in: the infamous H2D product line includes hair dryers, hair straighteners and curlers – everything you could need when styling your hair for a night out (or even a night in).

Benefits of H2D

There are so many professional hair styling tools out there – so why H2D? That’s easy: their products are innovative, effective and demonstrate premium performance on all hair.

 For All Hair Types

Whether your hair is naturally straight, wavy or curly, there is an H2D hair straightener, curler or dryer out there for you. No matter what hair type you have, you can expect consistent, dependable results from H2D.

High-Quality Floating Tourmaline Plates

H2D hair straighteners are high-quality in all aspects of their being. When it comes to their plates, the same applies. An upgrade from the usual ceramic plates found in most hair straighteners, H2D straighteners’ floating plates are infused with tourmaline – a semi-precious gemstone which gives smoother, silkier and static-free hair. Due to the release of negatively charged ion particles from the tourmaline and as they are coated with ceramic as well, the straightening process is four times more effective than normal ceramic plates, whilst also being healthier for your hair!
H2D products also contains extended plate sizes of 100mm X 25mm to 100mm X 42mm which means faster performance on all hair types.

Infrared Technology

H2D hair straighteners utilise revolutionary infrared technology that heats the hair from inside out, keeping away frizz and reducing the need to constantly go over the same section. By gently heating the hair, each strand is individually softened and relaxed.

Ionic Generator

H2D hair straighteners contain an ionic generator to provide millions more negative ions than straighteners with tourmaline plates alone. It’s a fancy way of saying that their products make hair even softer and smoother.

Fast Heat Up & Temperature Control

Don’t waste your time waiting for your hair styling products to heat up. The H2D curling wand and hair straighteners both guarantee rapid heat recovery for quick styling as well as an LCD digital temperature control. Spend less time styling your hair and more time admiring it.


Lightweight Design

Lightweight ergonomic design makes H2D hair straighteners, curlers, and dryers easier to use, just as hair styling products should be!


H2D For Silkier, Static Free Hair

Whether you’re drying your hair, creating luxurious curls or waves – or simply straightening your hair to give it that smooth, silky touch – H2D products are here to help! For smooth, glossy and textured hair, purchase a H2D hair straightener, curler or hairdryer today. You won’t be disappointed.
For more information about how to achieve that beautiful, salon-grade look, feel free to contact our friendly team today – we give personalised advice!

H2D Linear II Straightener Rose Gold-Ethan Thomas CollectionH2D Linear II Straightener Rose Gold
H2D Linear II Straightener Rose Gold
$160.00 $242.99