Milkshake Integrity Intense Treatment 200mL

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Are you looking for an intense conditioning treatment for your dry, damaged hair? Are you plagued with split ends, frizzy hair, and brittle, dry hair? Our Milkshake Integrity Intensive Treatment was specially designed for you. It is filled with high humectant ingredients to eliminate frizz, nourish the hair and seal the hair cuticle.

This specialised formula is perfect for colour treated hair and contains the best ingredients nature has to offer, including:

- Muru Muru Butter

- Vitamin A

- Milk Proteins

- Sunflower Seed Butter

- Coconut Butter

This specialised formula deeply nourishes your hair from the inside out to eliminate frizz, repair and strengthen your hair, and improve your hair's health. The milk protein improves your hair's elasticity and enhances your hair color by increasing the protein in your hair. This deep conditioning formula repairs your hair by nourishing it from the inside out. If you are ready to experience truly healthy hair, order our Milkshake Integrity Intensive Treatment.