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Blonde shampoo: 

Introducing our fabulous Organic Blonde Violet Shampoo (250ml) – your ticket to the world of stunningly beautiful, creamy light to ash blonde hair! This little gem not only brings out your desired hair tones, but also kicks those pesky yellow hues to the curb, giving your locks a whopping dose of hydration, replenishment, and utter cleanliness. And guess what? It's all-natural goodness made right here in Aussie land! No chemicals, no sulphate, no paraben, no silicone! Plus, it's vegan and cruelty-free, because we love our furry friends. Want to rock a gorgeous light creamy blonde? Just leave it on for a quick 2-minute dance with the shampoo. Or go all-in for that stunning ash blonde by giving it some extra love for 4+ minutes. For the ultimate hair pampering experience, don't forget to follow up with our Blonde Conditioner. Now, that's what we call a heavenly hair combo!


Blonde conditioner:

Calling all blonde bombshells! Say goodbye to brassy hair and hello to luscious locks with our silicone-free wonder potion! Packed with a special dye that's like an artist's brush for your hair, this conditioner will detangle and hydrate without any nasty sulfates or parabens. It's like a spa day for your precious strands! Pair it up with our blonde shampoo for the ultimate toning experience. Prepare to command attention with your brass-free, creamy goddess mane!

Blonde Mask:

Our Blonde Mask is an intensive moisturising treatment designed to reduce unwanted brassiness and yellow tones in blonde, bleached and highlighted hair. With a unique blend of carefully selected extracts and oils, this blonde mask will ensure not only will your hair look great in between salon visits but will also feel nourished, repaired and protected.

• organic 

• Aussie made 

• Aussie ingredients 

• Vegan

• Colour safe 

• Cruelty free

• Curley girl method approved

• No chemicals 

• No sulphate 

• No paraben

• No silicone