Top 3 Milkshake Hair Products For Blondes

The cliché is that blondes have more fun, and what could be more fun than using Milkshake to care for your hair? 

Top 3 Milkshake Hair Products For Blondes -  Ethan Thomas Collection

The cliché is that blondes have more fun, and what could be more fun than using Milkshake to care for your hair?

We’re not endorsing pouring one of Kelis’ milkshakes on your head to bring all the boys to the yard – we’re talking Milkshake hair products.

Milkshake products are designed to care for all types of hair, but even better is that they have a range specifically for those of us who aren’t a fan of yellow-blonde or brassy-toned hair.


Why Do Blondes Need Specific Hair Products?

If you have ever had colour-treated blonde hair, you would know that keeping it in a healthy, lush condition can take a lot of maintenance, money and time.

That is because when you dye your hair to achieve your perfect blonde, the bleach involved can result in brittle, dry hair that is prone to breakage.

Depending on how often you wash your hair after having it coloured, you will likely start to gain a brassy hue after a couple of weeks. This, in short, is your underlying hair pigment popping up to say hello.

What do we say to those persistent brassy tones? Milkshake.


Why We Love Milkshake Hair Care

At Ethan Thomas Collection, we love Milkshake hair products because they are organic and inspired by nature. Their philosophy is to “use the power and beauty of nature to get amazing looking hair for all occasions” – who can argue with that?

Milkshake hair products are organic, so you know that your hair is getting lovingly looked after by actual ingredients rather than a harsh chemical concoction. Moreover, Milkshake shampoos smell amazing and help your hair to grow!

Our Top 3 Milkshake Products For Blondes:

If you’re a blonde, Milkshake has got your back…and hair! Here are our top three Milkshake products to reinvigorate your beautiful blonde tones and keep your hair healthy.


3. Silver Shine Whipped Cream

Unfortunately, you can’t turn the bottle upside down and pour this whipped cream into your mouth, but you can use it to neutralise any brassy tones and bring some life back to your hair.
Banishing those brassy tones is as easy as dispensing some Milkshake Silver Shine Whipped Cream into your palm and working it through your damp hair, leaving you with soft, healthy, icy-toned hair.
A defining feature of this product is Integrity 41, which gives your hair colour an extra protective boost from the sun and weather.


2. Silver Shine Conditioner

While toning products can give you the silvery shine you desire, some toning shampoos and conditioners can actually leave your hair feeling drier!
Not Milkshake Silver Shine Conditioner though – this product is the perfect addition to your hair care routine, to give your hair a moisture boost, while protecting your blonde colour.
The all-natural ingredients in the Silver Shine Conditioner work with Integrity 41 and milk proteins to get to work on your hair, toning out the last of those brassy tones and caring for your hair in the process.


1. Silver Shine Shampoo

The crème de la crème of the toning process is the Milkshake Silver Shine Shampoo, a purple shampoo that is SLS and SLES free, infused with organic berry extracts and contains a violet pigment that will help to remove any warm, brassy tones in your hair.
Unlike some other purple shampoos and hair toners, Silver Shine Shampoo is designed to pamper your hair with natural ingredients, leaving you with smooth, shiny, icy blonde hair.


Say Goodbye to Brassy Tones & Shop Now

Banish brassy tones with Milkshake hair products - designed for blondes who refuse to compromise their hair health just to keep their hair looking fresh and icy.

If you’re after Milkshake hair products in Australia, you can pick up everything you need from Ethan Thomas Collection.

Treat your hair to Milkshake today - check out the range of Milkshake silver shampoos, conditioners, and other nourishing products on our website or come into the Ethan Thomas Collection salon today.


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