Shampoo Reviews: The Top 10 Best Rated Shampoos for Your Hair

Over the course of a year, the average Australian woman spends roughly $3,600 on beauty products each year. It's no surprise that keeping up appearances can be expensive, especially when it comes...

The Top 10 Best Rated Shampoos for Your Hair - Ethan Thomas Collection

From curly to straight and long and short and in between, there is a best shampoo for your scalp. Read our shampoo reviews, here to find out more.

Over the course of a year, the average Australian woman spends roughly $3,600 on beauty products each year. It's no surprise that keeping up appearances can be expensive, especially when it comes to our hair products, but our lovely locks only deserve the best.  

If you're like us, you scour the web reading shampoo reviews to find the perfect one for your hair type. Hair products are not one size fits all and it's time to retire your old shampoo that's leaving your hair dull and boring.

In this article, we're uncovering all the best shampoos for each hair and skin type. Whether you struggle with dandruff, frizz, or flat hair, we've got the perfect shampoo for you. 

Let's get started.


The Shampoo Reviews Are In: The Best Shampoos for Each Hair Type

Are you disappointed with the way your hair performs? Has it lost its shine and bounce? It might just be time to break up with your old shampoo but don't worry, we've got some stellar suggestions. 


1. Damaged or Colour-Treated Hair 

Our hair takes a beating. From the constant colouring to the blow drying, to the heat styling, our hair could use a break--but not literally. You need a shampoo that will protect your hair from breaking and restore it to its natural self. 

Best Shampoo: Olaplex

Olaplex is hands down one of the best products for damaged hair. Maintain your strong and healthy hair with these shampoos, conditioners, and hair masques. 


2. Thin Hair

Do you suffer from thin hair that lacks volume? We feel you. It's stringy, flat, and no matter what product you use, you can't get it to style the way you want. It without feeling weighed down. 

Well, fear not because we've found the perfect shampoo.  

Best Shampoo: Milkshake Energising Shampoo 

Your hair will bring all the boys to the yard with this energizing, thickening shampoo. Say GOODBYE to dull, lifeless locks, and HELLO to healthy, bouncy hair. 

Here are some of our favourite hacks for making your hair grow thicker.


3. Flaky Scalp

A flaky scalp can cause you to always be looking over (and brushing) your shoulder. It's annoying, itchy, and unsightly. There are dozens of dandruff shampoos on the market but only a few are a top-rated shampoo. 

For serious dandruff problems, it's best to head straight to your doctor's office. For moderate dandruff, there are tons of over-the-counter products.  

Best Shampoo: Milk_shake Purifying Blend Shampoo

Why settle for over the counter and cheap shelf shampoos. Use this shampoo and have the confidence to wear black again. The best part is you will be left smelling amazing afterwards. Dare to wear black again?


4. Curly Hair 

Curly hair is a cruel mistress and keeping those lovely locks in place can be a handful. Choosing the right shampoo is half the battle. 

Best Shampoo: Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Shampoo – This product is not easy to get your hands on.

A few washes using this shampoo and you'll see why it gets rave reviews. It manages, tames, and strengthens your curls. It adds tons of moistures to your follicles and boosts the shine. 


5. Bleached Hair

Bleached hair is synonymous with damage, dryness, and breakage. It also means that your luscious blonde locks are subjectable to yellowing--which no one wants. 

Choosing the right shampoo can combat that. opt for shampoos with violet tones, designed specifically for blondes and greys like the Ice Cream No Yellow shampoo.

Best Shampoo: Ice Cream No Yellow Shampoo

This shampoo's formula includes rich, silk proteins and extracts of pressed grape that tone down brassiness. Regular washing now turns into a salon-worthy toning session which keeps your blonde hair pretty and bright as if you stepped right out of the salon.


6. Oily Hair

Are you a dry shampoo addict? We've been there. No matter what you do, eat, or use, your hair gets that unsightly sheen. It's not really your hair that gets greasy but your scalp that is the issue.

Best Shampoo: 18-1 Shampoo

Oily hair isn't cute but a few rinses with this shampoo and it sure will be. This 18-1 shampoo combines several plant extracts to provide you with a healthy, balanced scalp.

It's also sulfate-free but works just as hard (if not harder) than the other shampoos on the shelf, which we love. 


7. Sensitive Skin

If you break out often and have very sensitive skin, your shampoo should reflect that. All too often we focus on our face and body but forget about our scalp. Well not anymore, let us introduce you to Art Natural's argan oil shampoo.

Best Shampoo: Art Natural's argan oil shampoo

This incredible shampoo combines a tonne of beneficial oils like almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, peach oil, and of course, argan oil to moisturize and protect your scalp. It's perfect for all hair types and contains only natural ingredients to feed your happy scalp. 


8. Frizzy Hair

One step outside on a humid day and your hair swells three times the size. Does this sound like you?

If so, you need a spray that locks in moisture and blocks humidity, keeping frizz at bay. There's only one spray on the market that we would recommend when it comes to frizzy hair....

Best Product: Fanola Anti Fizz Spray

It's hands down the best frizz-busting spray on the market. Along with all the Fanola range they keep raising the bar


Find Your New Favourite Hair Product

Now that you've found out the best products based on consumer's shampoo reviews, you can pick the one that best suits your hair type. After all, we only want to best for our locks.

If you love hair care products and love surprises, then you'll adore our Hair Care Mystery Box. At Ethan Thomas, we strive to bring you only the most incredible branded hair care & beauty products that you want and love. Shop our hair care products and skin care line today. 



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