Top 5 Foods to Eat for Hair Growth

Your hair needs vitamins and protein to grow long and strong! Try this delicious, easy to prepare and healthy diet for hair growth.

Top 5 Foods to Eat for Hair Growth - Ethan Thomas Collection

Healthy Hair Starts From Within: Top 5 Foods to Eat for Hair Growth

They say a watched pot never boils, but what about a watched head of hair? When you want your strands to grow, it can seem as though they never will.

The good news? They are making slow but steady progress.

Studies show that our hair grows at a rate of about half a millimeter per day. This means you'll gain about six inches over the course of a year.

Regardless of the style or cut, we all want healthy, thick tresses. A diet for hair growth can get us there, one bite at a time. Today, we're sharing five foods to keep on your plate as you wait.

Ready to learn more? Let's go!


1. Eggs

Eat them scrambled, sunny side up, boiled or over easy. Any way you prepare them, eggs are one of the best foods for hair growth around.

Why? They're full of protein, the nutrient that makes up the majority of your hair follicles. They're also a great source of biotin, which helps promote a specific hair protein called keratin


2. Spinach

Popeye was onto something!

Spinach is a great source of folate, iron, and vitamins C and A. All of these can aid in hair growth.

How? The vitamins help your scalp produce an oil called sebum, which moisturizes your scalp and keeps it healthy. Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body, encouraging growth and repair. 


3. Berries

Think of berries as shields for your hair. They are full of antioxidants, including vitamin C, that protect your strands from damaging free radicals. 

This vitamin also pulls double-duty, pumping your follicles full of collagen so they don't break as easily.


4. Salmon

As if you needed another excuse to reach for this nutrient-rich superstar, salmon is an ideal food for hair growth. 

The fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to prevent hair loss. 

Need proof? Check out this study of 120 women with thinning hair.

Researchers found that those who took supplements containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids had increased hair growth and a reduction in hair loss.

Want to mix it up? Herring and mackerel are also solid choices!


5. Sweet Potatoes

Even if you cover them with butter and brown sugar, these delectable sides are great picks. They're full of beta-carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A.

When you want speedy hair growth, a sweet potato delivers in full. In fact, one of these spuds is enough to fulfill more than 400% of your daily vitamin A requirements!


Planning the Ideal Diet for Hair Growth 

When you're frustrated with strands that are slow to grow, you'll try anything short of standing on your head to speed up the process.

Thankfully, you can eat your way to longer hair and enjoy plenty of healthy and delicious meals along the way!

The foods listed above are ideal additions to your diet for hair growth, though you shouldn't stop there! There are plenty of other snacks, including avocado, nuts, seeds, and beans that can get you one step closer to locks you'll love.

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