Can Olaplex Be Used On Hair Extensions?

Thanks to Olaplex's incredible bond healing formula, we guarantee you’ll notice more bounce and less frizz and flyaways in no time - be it on your hair extensions or your...

Can Olaplex Be Used On Hair Extensions?

For a long time it was impossible to find salon-quality products that were available to use at home, with many of the standard products found on the shelves containing cheap formulas that resulted in dry, brittle hair. The Ethan Thomas Collection has allowed us to put those days behind us, with an amazing range of professional quality hair care products available online, ready to transform your hair. One such product is Olaplex, an industry renowned natural hair product used by hair care professionals and celebrities in Australia and all over the world.


What is Olaplex? 

Olaplex is an incredibly effective bond builder that works to strengthen your hair, protecting and repairing it from harsh chemicals and thermal hair tools. Rather than simply hiding these damaging results, Olaplex actually works to fix the root of the problem by actively repairing hair bond breakage and restoring it to full health. The magical anti-frizz results from Olaplex makes it one of Australia's most popular hair repair products, letting you colour and style your hair as you please without the negative side effects of brittle strands and split ends. 


Using Olaplex on hair extensions 

While known as industries top treatment for damaged and unruly hair, it has another valuable advantage - helping with hair extensions. There is no point investing in high quality hair extensions if you don’t take care of them, and it is generally recommended you treat them as you would your own hair. Damaged disulfide bonds (the elements that give your hair elasticity and bounce) can ruin the look of even the best hair extensions, but applying Olaplex transforms them back into beautiful, realistic locks. Designed to be used before and after chemical services, it repairs the bonds damaged by colouring the same in hair extensions as it does your own hair.


Ways to use Olaplex on hair extensions 

When removing extensions

Your hair can undergo noticeable damage from the removal of individual bonds and larger length tracks, but using Olaplex during this process enables the repair of broken bonds that occur and alleviate any damage done. It also helps the tracks slip out a lot easier, minimising harm.

As a stand-alone treatment

Applying regular treatments of Olaplex to your extensions can have unbelievable results in their longevity, as well as their overall health and shine. Nourish your hair and you will reap the rewards!

During colouring

A valuable relief to the damaging effects of chemical colour treatments, Olaplex is wondrous at reducing damage to hair extensions during bleaching or dying processes by rebuilding broken bonds.

To help with styling 

Hair extensions made from human hair experience all the same negative effects that our own hair does; including frizz and flatness. Adding Olaplex to damp hair before styling adds moisture, resulting in smooth, sleek tresses.


Our online collection 

Of all the natural hair care products in Australia today, Olaplex is a notable winner thanks to its incredible bond healing formula, made from vegan, ethically produced materials. Try out Olaplex today and we guarantee you’ll notice more bounce and less frizz and flyaways in no time, be it on your hair extension or your natural locks. For more information on Olaplex Australia or any of the other high-quality hair products available online at Ethan Thomas Collection simply contact us here.


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