6 Easy Ways To Get Thicker Hair

Having fine hair isn’t all bad. For one thing, it’s easier to dry, and you don’t leave hair all over the bathroom. But still, it’s hard to avoid hair envy...

6 Easy Ways To Get Thicker Hair

Having fine hair isn’t all bad. For one thing, it’s easier to dry, and you don’t leave hair all over the bathroom. But still, it’s hard to avoid hair envy when you’ve tried everything to breathe life into limp hair.

Chances are you’re frustrated after trying blow-dry tricks, rubbing coconut oil through your hair, or spending piles of money on products that don’t help. Been there! So we’ve decided to share our top hair care tips that actually work, thickening your hair for a naturally luscious look.

From Milkshake hair to medium-length trims, here are our favourite fine hair fixes:

Use thickening shampoo & conditioner

Harsh commercial shampoos and conditioners can leave hair limp and lifeless. We’ve looked everywhere for natural hair products that undo the damage from regular shampoo, and we think we have the solution: Milkshake hair care products. Milkshake Energising Blend shampoo and conditioner are made with organic rosemary and sage extracts, Fioravanti balm, eucalyptol, and 11 essential oils to naturally thicken and strengthen hair.  

Use nourishing scalp treatments

To reap the benefits of natural hair thickening products you need to treat your scalp and follicles too. Another gem in the Milkshake hair products range, Milkshake Energising Blend scalp treatment, promotes circulation in your scalp using natural extracts for thicker hair growth. Massage it in twice a week after you shampoo and condition, and the results will speak for themselves.

Short cut to thicker hair

It may seem counterintuitive to cut your hair when the goal is thicker, stronger hair. But fine hair can quickly look thin and stringy once it gets past shoulder length. A medium-length chop will take the weight out of your hair, making thin hair look larger-than-life. Go for a long bob or shoulder-length cut, then use a thickening hair care routine for even more volume.

Dry shampoo is your secret weapon

You may already know this trick, but it’s one of our favourites. Using dry shampoo on your roots is an easy way to achieve all-day volume when you don’t have time for your normal hair care regime. Milkshake dry shampoo restores that light, fresh feeling of just-washed hair. A modified starch absorbs excess oil to naturally add volume, while a dash of hemp seed oil prevents hair from drying out.

Invest in quality hair extensions

There are so many hair extensions out there promising a miracle, but the truth is most look unnatural and a little awkward. However, bonded hair extensions (applied by a salon pro) can add natural-looking volume to thin hair. They’re not cheap, so be ready to invest at least a few hundred dollars. But if you treat them right they can last for months, so the money may be worth it.

Keep hair healthy

Achieving – and maintaining – full, healthy hair is borderline impossible when you’re constantly attacking it with harsh treatments and styling tools. Try to avoid washing with shampoo and conditioner more than 2-3 times a week at most, making sure to use a natural hair product like Milkshake when you do. And utilise a heat protectant spray when using heated styling tools, as these can damage your hair.

Get your Milkshake hair products faster, with speedy Aus-wide shipping from Ethan Thomas Collection. Try our thickening tips and hair care routine for yourself and save yourself from a life of limp locks!


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