Ethan Thomas diamanté brush set #1

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Pack includes a gorgeous diamanté paddle brush, a wide tooth comb & an eye brow brush.  All items are very light weight.

A paddle brush is a large, flat and wide hair brush with an air-filled cushion and has plastic bristles, which helps it bend and move to the contours of your head. It’s this flexibility that means it’s perfect for detangling and smoothing out hair. It’s a must-have in any hair care kit and is suitable for all hair types but is a particularly good option for long, thick, or naturally straight hair.

Why Do You Need a Paddle Brush?

A paddle brush is used for detangling, smoothing and polishing. And did we mention that paddle brushes are also great for winter? Let’s face it, as cute as all those woolly layers, hats and scarves are, they’re prime static-inducing materials – which is why a paddle brush is absolutely essential if you want to keep your locks looking smooth and frizz-free for as long as possible throughout the day.

Wide tooth comb

A wide-tooth comb easily detangles knots in your hair. It is specifically recommended for those who have long and curly hair. While removing knots and detangling, one often loses a lot of hair while using a normal comb. However, a wide-tooth comb helps detangle your hair more effectively without losing a lot of hair.